Update! Update! Update!

It’s true. I actually still exist.

Life for the last couple of weeks has been odd– George has finally gotten over her illness, and we’ve gotten the spectre of Christmas completely out of the way, but 2008 is proving to be somewhat slow for me so far. After an action-packed end of 2007, work has slowed to a crawl– it’ll bounce back, but for the moment it’s consisting of an awful lot of running around chasing things, and not very much happening in return. It’s difficult for me, especially as I often only feel happy when I’m busy – I’m great when the work arrives, but actually getting the work is another matter entirely. On top of which, I’m still awaiting feedback on my novel, and I’ve got an upcoming holiday to Canada which is (a) lovely but (b) meaning that two weeks are essentially vanishing from my schedule. Life would be a lot easier if one particular client wasn’t still managing to neglect to pay me– but I may be letting slip the dogs of litigation ( or at least, their secretaries with a stern letter) so maybe it won’t stretch on for as long as all that. We can but hope…

News: I am officially going to Orbital, the Heathrow-based science fiction convention happening over Easter weekend. It’s the first sci-fi literary convention I’ve ever done, so in an attempt to make certain I don’t spend most of the weekend hiding and feeling out of place, I’m hurling myself straight into the crossfire. I’ve already volunteered for multiple panels (I’m definitely on one, and may be on another four) and am prepared to attempt to sound vaguely like I know what I’m talking about. I guess we’ll see how that works, but I’m staying over for one night, and it’ll certainly be an education.

In less than four weeks, I’m off to Canada for a holiday. I’m also feeling somewhat restless and in need of some direction – giving myself a breather after finishing the novella is a good idea, but I want to feel like I’m actually grasping hold of life’s reins and exerting some kind of control, not just being dragged along in its wake. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but I am getting fed up of waiting for something to happen. It’s about time I got back to actually making something happen.

There will be some TV updates soon. Just not quite yet…

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