Sometimes on a book project, what you need is a brand new pair of eyes – and in the case of an Editorial Report, I’ll act as exactly that. I will read your manuscript from start to finish, and give you a written report on what I think of it, both its strengths and its weaknesses. It’ll be a tidy, polite and professional report, but will also be completely honest and frank where necessary. I have over a decade of experience writing freelance editorial reports for major UK publishers, and mainstream publishing can be a difficult world where the standards are extremely high. Conversely, the opportunity to self-publish can lead some writers to rush into getting their book out into the world before it’s completely ready. It’s often hard to judge and assess your own work, and an independent assessment from an outside perspective can be a significant help in making your novel the best that it can be.

Whether you’re looking for an agent and a mainstream publishing deal, or aiming to self-publish, I can assess your novel and tell you where I think its strengths and weaknesses lie. I’ll be prepared to point out whatever problems I feel are present in the manuscript, and give you pointers and suggestions on ways to improve it, all to give your work a better chance of success. I can’t guarantee that you’ll like or agree with what I say, but my top priority will be finding a way of helping your work connect to an audience.

I offer two types of report – Basic and Detailed. On the Basic report, I will read the manuscript and give you general feedback, usually running to 1-2 pages (between 500-1000 words), telling you where the major problems in the manuscript lie, and what possible improvements can be made. On the Detailed report, I will go much further in depth on the book, charting all the strengths and problems, and also go into greater detail on potential solutions to the issues in the manuscript, up to and including suggestions on plot, character and story structure.

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“The report on Natural Causes that I commissioned from Saxon was detailed, insightful and very good value for money. It confirmed some areas of the manuscript I wasn’t happy with and helped me work out how to improve it. More than anything, it gave me a confidence boost at a time when I was almost ready to quit writing altogether, and was the kick up the arse that I needed to get the whole self-published ebook thing started. The rollercoaster ride of the last six months or so only came about because I put the book out there for people to see, and Saxon’s report gave me the reassurance that doing so wouldn’t be a waste of time.”

James Oswald, bestselling author of ‘Natural Causes’ and ‘The Book of Souls’,
(initially self-published on Amazon, now available from Penguin Books.)

“Over a number of years, Saxon Bullock has done reading (text assessment) as well as editorial work and structural recommendations on a wide variety of texts for me, and I have always been impressed by his insight and grateful for his intelligent and perceptive critiques, no less than his ability to assess a book narratively and stylistically within the context of its potential market. A highy recommended and reliable freelancer.”

Peter Lavery, formerly editorial director
of Pan Macmillan and Tor UK

“A reliable freelancer who’s both fast and professional, Saxon’s instincts and opinions on a manuscript are always useful, considered, and intelligent.”

Jeremy Trevathan, Publishing Director, Pan Macmillan

“Saxon’s experience of the genre is in-depth and diverse. He brings this knowledge to the work he completes and is able to offer a valued opinion about whether a manuscript has any potential, and then insightful suggestions for improvements and changes.”

Julie Crisp, Editor, Tor UK

“Saxon is an efficient and perceptive freelancer. His work combines a sound commercial knowledge and insight across genres, with a balanced and carefully considered evaluation of a book’s strengths and weaknesses.”

Louise Buckley, Editorial Assistant, Tor UK