Warlock Nights

On one of my regular trawls of second hand bookshops in London yesterday, I headed over to the Book and Comic Exchange at Notting Hill, mainly because it’s one of those places which is worth checking 20% of the time. The rest of the time, it”s not worth bothering, but for those 20%… well, having wandered inside, I scanned the shelves, and then had to stop in shock. I couldn’t quite believe it- one of my vices is collecting the old Titan Books editions of 2000AD graphic novels released during the 1980s. They’re the nicest editions that have ever been released of many classic 2000AD stories, and they’ve almost always got fantastic original cover art. Printed in the right format, they look more like Vinyl Albums, and sitting there in front of me was volume 2, and volume 4-8 of gothic sci-fi adventure Nemesis The Warlock- almost all the volumes that I was missing (bar number 9). While the stories have been re-issued recently, the print quality isn’t always outstanding- and the Titan editions are on fantastic paper, and simply feel right. Revisiting those stories is going to be great fun…

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