I’ve been working as a professional freelance proofreader since 2008. My speciality is commercial genre fiction –  everything from gritty crime thrillers to science fiction – and I’ve worked on a large selection of novels for major UK publishing imprints such as Gollancz, Tor, Abacus and Orbit (for a full list, see my CV). I’ve also worked as a sub- and copy-editor on magazines and novels; I have an MA in Creative Writing from Manchester University, I have a broad knowledge of writing and storytelling in general, and am willing to take on any kind of project.

Proofreading can be a vital element of getting a piece of fiction or non-fiction ready for public consumption, especially if you’re an author intending to self-publish. Getting an experienced pair of eyes to look over your text can be the difference between a polished final product and a book riddled with errors that could potentially impact on any reader’s enjoyment. Simple typos can be an easy excuse for work to be rejected or dismissed, especially when there’s massive competition – proofreading is there to make sure the work is judged for what it is, not for any distracting grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

Proofreading is important whether the work in question is a novel, a short story, an essay or dissertation, or text for a website. I offer rates according to wordcount, and the rate is reduced once the wordcount goes over 50,000 words.

It’s also important that a manuscript has been fully line-edited before it is proofread – proofreading is only there to correct small spelling or grammatical errors, and ensure consistency across the work. Line-editing is much more in-depth, often making significant changes in order to improve sense, clarity and/or narrative structure, and can make a major difference to the quality of a piece of writing. I’ve had considerable experience line-editing novels, magazine articles and reviews (full details are on my CV) over the last ten years, and I can help you get a difficult project into shape.

If you have any queries relating to proofreading or line-editing, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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For information on prices, please go to the My Rates page.

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The Fell Sword by Miles Cameron (Gollancz),
The Remaining: Fractured by D.J. Molles (Orbit),
The Remaining: Refugees 
by D.J. Molles (Orbit),
The Remaining 
by D.J. Molles (Orbit), 
The Republic of Thieves 
by Scott Lynch (Gollancz),
Dark Prince 
by David Gemmell (Orbit),
Lion of Macedon 
by David Gemmell (Orbit),
by Simon Ings (Gollancz)
The Girl Who Fell From the Sky by Simon Mawer (Abacus)
A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter Miller (Gollancz)
When the Devil Drives by Christopher Brookmyre (Abacus)
Necessary Evil by Ian Tregillis (Orbit)
The Dark Legacy of Shannara: Bloodfire Quest by Terry Brooks (Orbit)
The Deep by John Crowley (Gollancz)
A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson (Orbit)

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‘Saxon has always been a very reliable and efficient proofreader for us, and we’d happily recommend him to others for freelance work’

Charlie Panayiotou, Assistant Editor, Gollancz


‘Saxon has established himself as an excellent proofreader with a good technical eye as well as a sensitivity to the text.  His comprehensive knowledge of SFF is a definite boon for our titles but I reckon he could turn his hand to all genres with the same level of care and insight.’

Joanna Kramer, Editorial Manager, Orbit


‘Saxon is an extremely reliable and thorough proofreader. There isn’t much that gets by his eagle eye!’

Natalie Braine, Orion Fiction

“Quick, efficient and with a sharp eye, Saxon has proved a reliable proofreader – and, even better, one with an interest in our novels”

Gillian Redfearn, Senior Comissioning Editor, Gollancz


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Estimates for proofreading are subject to change upon receipt of content. All documents submitted are treated as confidential. Every care is taken with the correction of documents, but the final responsibility for all completed work lies with the client.

Saxon Bullock does not provide any warranties of services, expressed or implied. Clients are responsible for the content, quality and final use of their text. Plagiarism and breach of copyright are serious offences. Saxon Bullock assumes no responsibility for such content. Clients should always retain the original document and submit copies for proofreading and copy-editing. Saxon Bullock is not responsible for any lost work. Any corrections, comments or suggestions made by Saxon Bullock in connection with a job are those deemed appropriate for the work in hand. The use of these corrections, comments or suggestions is at the discretion of the client.