Echoes from the Past

I posted the last entry… but I forgot one important thing.

It’s already online. The resolution isn’t exactly huge, but it’s all there.

So, if you fancy watching me indulging in titanic levels of overacting in an enjoyably rickety no-budget improvised spoof of an Eighties action series that was filmed when I was the tender age of 19 (ah, nostalgia,) then click below for the sheer, unadulterated daftness that is ‘The New Airwolf: The Next Generation’

And don’t say I didn’t warn you…

2 thoughts on “Echoes from the Past

  1. pmsl
    roll that camra lol
    i remember watching this a few years back
    was pritty funny, realy good editing to considering how lame software was back in the day
    i got loads of airwolf stuff over at
    i think my “Airwolf vs FireFox” is about my best edit so far
    (but the audio’s pritty rough)
    i say bring back santini II in a sequel 🙂


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