Another weekend slides by, and another selection of work from Hotdog meant that it all went rather damn smoothly. We’re currently having a brief journey down to George’s parents- the green and the quiet is doing us an awful lot of good, and I also drove a car for the first time in nearly a decade. I passed my driving test on the fifth go in late 1996, and circumstances since then have meant I haven’t gotten behind the wheel since, meaning I was as twitchy and tense as you’d expect. It was a basic drive up and down a country road experience, but I think it’s actually driven home that I might need a few refresher lessons before I’m reasy to actually cope with life on the roads.

I also got my first full feedback from someone who’s read the current version of the novel- and they were very positive, pointing out plenty of problems but in a constructive way. There’s a couple of big problems that I might need to look into in more detail, but I think most of it is sortable. I’m not quite as wounded as I expected to be.

Also- in an update to the long-running saga of my friend Tris, he’s actually gone and done it. The Bee Gees spoof video ‘When He’s Gone’, where I manned the camera for most of the shoot and also make brief appearences throwing shapes and doing something that could loosely be described as “dancing”, has finally been placed on YouTube by Tris.

Buckle up…

In the next few days, I’ll try and tell a little of the story behind this shoot. It was, as they say, a bit of an experience, but a very enjoyable one.

More soon…

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