Ultima Mondo Canibale

I’m spending today at IPC sub-editing, and it’s one of those days with a number of lulls, giving me enough time to at least collect my thoughts and ruminate on things. A possible link to someone who might have been interested in moving into the flat in September made things a little interesting for the last twenty four hours, but it turns out that they’re looking for something with two bedrooms (our place is described as ‘two bedrooms’, but only because there was originally a bed in what was very obviously intended as the lounge). Still, we’re trying to be positive about the situation, and the next step is looking into getting George some kind of income down in Hampshire- once that’s in place, then we can afford to roll the dice, move out of Bounds Green, and see how it goes. It’d be nice to have a clearer idea of how we’re going to do this, but I’m trying to keep a positive outlook on things. Whatever happens, we’re going to make it through.

I’m also experiencing a spike of work at the moment, with about £245 worth of comissions coming in yesterday. I spent last night watching a daffy martial arts film called HAPKIDO (lots of crash zooms and broken bones) and then writing the review- tonight, I’ve got a 2 1/2 hour Italian crime drama called ROMANZO CRIMINALE, and then I’ve got to go home and review a SAPPHIRE AND STEEL audio drama. It’s good to be busy, and I want to try and make the most of my opportunities over the Edinburgh and London Film Festivals. It’s probably helping me keep my mind off the fact that somewhere, out there, people are reading my book in it’s current state. Gulp…

For anyone who’s been following (or terrified by) the saga of my friend Tris and his determination to introduce me to the frightening world of Bary Gibb’s concept video album ‘Now Voyager’, you can now view one whole segment thanks to the miracle of Youtube.

If you do watch, just remember- this is actually one of the least scary sections of the film- and there’s 75 more minutes where that came from. Be afraid, be very afraid…

He also- rather unsettlingly- sent me this link to Youtube,

which is the original version of a Bee Gees video that I helped Tris to spoof, in a version where he played all three Bee Gees to a quite terrifying degree of accuracy. I thought for a minute that he’d actually uploaded the spoof version, and I hope he does at some point- along with the surreal wonderment that is ‘The New Airwolf- The Next Generation’, a video project of ours that’s going to take a bit of explanation…

I rather wish I had the ability to get video online at the moment- there’s a whole pile of stuff that I’d love to get onto Youtube- some of which is hilarious, some of which is awful, and some of which I’m extremely proud of. One day, I tell you. One day…

(And, just so you know, I grabbed the title of this entry out of a Horror Film encyclopaedia which was on a shelf in front of me. It’s a film that’s also known as ‘The Last Cannibal on Earth’. Hurrah!)

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