One Wedding (and hopefully no Funerals…)

After much journeying across the wilds of England, I’m now back in Cornwall for my friend Tristan’s wedding. I’m also discovering the delights of the Wireless network my Dad has, and this new USB adaptor I got recently that has freed up plenty of possibilities with my laptop. It’s only a flying visit- we’re back up to London tomorrow, and today is going to be slightly odd.

The reason for this is that I’m going to be encountering lots of people from school and college that I really haven’t seen that much in the last ten years. I always feel weird about encountering people from my past- or, more precisely, encountering people whose last memory of me is the way I was ten or so years ago, and most defintely not the way I am now. To be honest, I think today is definitely going to have a Grosse Pointe Blank feel to it- although, unfortunately, most of them are going to know what I do, so I can’t get away with pretending to be a professional killer. Damn.

Work is still frenetic, weird and busy. I’ve just landed a gigantic article on Movie Openings and Movie Endings (Top 25 of Each), and I’ve gotta get to work on it as soon as possible.

My Dad has also revived his seemingly unstoppable obsession to track down the TV adaptation of a novel called Clochmerle, all about a french village getting (Shock, horror) a public toilet. You would not believe the lengths he has gone to, and I’ve vaguely agreed to try and help him just on the understanding that he never, ever, ever brings it up again. Something tells me this won’t be the end…

The flat is now tidy, after the mass cleaning we did last week for the party- and it’s so nice. We’re both instinctively messy people, George and I, so having a clear and uncluttered frontroom is nothing short of a marvel.

I’ve also seen the fourth episode of the new season of Lost. That show just keeps on getting better and better.

Off to the wedding. More soon!

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