All Tomorrows Parties…

We held our first flat party on Saturday night. Calling it a “housewarming” after sixteen months might be pushing it a bit, and it was also a fantastic motivation to finally sort out all those annoying little clearing up jobs that we’d both been putting off for ages. Anyway, after a considerable amount of stress, vacuuming, cleaning, sorting and tidying, everything was in place. As is always the way, a proportion of the people we invited didn’t turn up, but we actually ended up with a good turnout and almost exactly the right number of people for the amount of room we had.

And how did it all go? Well, one person threw up, and two people stayed for a lot longer than they’d originally intended simply because they were having loads of fun. Which I guess is a promising sign. We’ll definitely be having another, and hopefully it won’t take another sixteen months…

Elsewhere, things are going well. Tris’s wedding is this weekend, and I’m doing the video. I’m also thankful that George is going to be there as the whole ‘gang’ of people who I used to hang out with a long long time ago will be there too. I was never an official part of the ‘gang’- more of an unofficial satellite- and meeting them again is going to be very, very, very strange.

The mountain of work (which has been generally meaning I haven’t wanted to sit in front of this computer for more than necessary, hence the infrequent updates) has eased off a little, but the London Film Festival pre-screenings have swung into action to compensate. Lots of films, not much fun. Last week seemed to mainly consist of lots of miserabilist movies about social injustice and grubby sex (Where’s the fun sex? Why does cinematic sex at the moment always have to be arty, highbrow, and apparently as enjoyable as being dipped in cement?). Then, I saw Neil Jordan’s Breakfast On Pluto, which was wonderful- witty, warm and utterly loony, with a fantastic central performance from Cillian Murphy.

George and I played co-operative Halo 2 on the Xbox last night. It was a sinful amount of fun.

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