After the Ball is over…

Back from the wedding. Tired, sweaty but alive, and we had a great time. We rounded the evening off by dancing to “Do You Want To” by Franz Ferdinand, and actually got a round of applause at the end. Hurrah!

It was great seeing Tris again and helping out on such an important day- I was cameraman, getting lots of (attempted) sweeping tracking shots, and trying my best to capture some memorable moments without disintergrating into Blair Witch-style shakycam. George was also on hand, snapping away like a professional, and there was good food and a multitude of sweets.

Also strange seeing some of “the Gang” who I haven’t seen for a very long time. Dave Simpson is fairly different, wheras Viv hasn’t changed at all (except for some grey hairs, but I could almost suspect he’s just faking them to protect his true Dorian Grey-like nature).

It was also weird being at someone else’s wedding- witnessing a lot of what happenned to me and George last year, but from the other side. Strange but illuminating.

George has also been giving various English language criticisms over my shoulder for the past few minutes, so I’m going to hand over to her for a few moments so she can dazzle you with her wits. Or something.

Well, after listening to every single thing he has written for the last 4 years, checking for grammatical errors, how can he now expect me to hold my tongue? Besides, now that he’s left the room, instead of Dazzling you all with my wit, I’ve gone back through his previous typings and ammended as I see fit. Also, I do want to make it clear that during the third last of our requests we had the joy of the dancefloor solely to ourselves. Bravo us!

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