Waking Up

A better night last night. I managed 8 hours sleep (although not in one block), and am feeling a little more human as a result. Today is the first of the Press Conference days, with Stoned and Land of the Dead to look forward to. I’m off to see Thumbsucker in a little while, and I’m booking myself in for more time in the Videotechque later on. Actual work is going to happen today, and hopefully it’s all going to go nice and smooth.

The friendly gang of teens who’ve been making my life louder, weirder and a hell of a lot more entertaining for the last couple of days are out of the Hostel today- but, I’ve grabbed a couple of their e-mail addresses and am going to try and keep in touch with them. You don’t forget a night like Wednesday in a hurry (Remind me to tell you about it one day…). I shall miss them.

Time to go- a screening at 9, and the cinema is a slightly boggling distance away.

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