More Bleariness

The trouble with being tired, is you’ve got to try and stop it from taking you over.

I’m going to get through tonight until 10.30 ish, and then collapse into bed, mainly because I don’t want to disrupt my sleep patterns. Today has been mucho film watching, although not as much as I’d like. Saw Mirrormask, which was stunningly beautiful (we need more creepy, gloriously messed-up childrens films in the world), An Unfinished Life, which was well-played, beautifully shot and stunningly predictable, and Dominion: Prequel To The Exorcist, which proved that an Exorcist prequel was always going to be a bad idea. Also tried watching a swedish film called Popular Music, but the guy in the Videoteque booth next to me was watching the same movie but half an hour ahead, which was too bloody distracting.

Also saw my first Edinburgh show last night- a madcap saga of victorian time travel called Madam, I’m Adam. Some very funny moments, but it didn’t quite hang together, and lost an awful lot of comic momentum in the second half.

Food is beckoning.

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