Just saw Thumbsucker- a cool, smartly written and quietly beautiful film. Now, I’ve got one hour until the first Press Conference of the day. And, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that Hostels and I just don’t get on. I’ll be okay for the rest of the Festival (and being ill doesn’t help), but having a space that’s officially my own is very, very important to me- and I always end up feeling horribly disconnected when I don’t have one. If I do this again, I might have to do it for a shorter time, or just figure out some way that doesn’t involve sleeping in the same room as seven other people who I don’t really know.

I have the horrible feeling this is turning into a catalogue of complaints about tiredness and illness (and general insecurity).

And now- a haiku. (Just not a very good one)

Sweeping low, the majestic.
How leaps the lizard when he crawls?
The magician only knows.

I really need to get something to eat…

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