Millions of Peaches (Peaches for Free) Millions of Peaches (Peaches for Free)

There’s more on the site. It’s actually all coming together. A bit of a shock. I just wish my wrist wasn’t hurting so much at the moment. The trouble is, sorting out an RSI situation isn’t quite as easy as it should be. I don’t want to end up putting it off too long.

Well, there are new reviews on the site as well. I may dislike them intensely by the end of the day, but at the moment they’re there- and I like it.

Listening to the Peaches album- and it’s quite the filthiest thing I’ve heard in a very long time. Hurrah!

I’m planning to cook a Sausage Casserole for George tonight. Whether or not it works is another matter, of course….

There’s an hour and a half until tonight’s episode of Doctor Who- and it’s the “Reality TV” spoof episode that’s supposed to also be the first part of the big end-of-season cliffhanger. I’ll go into more detail about exactly why New Who has hacked me off soon- but I don’t think it helps that I watched the end of Season One of Lost this week- and my god, that’s a good show. Whether they can keep it going for Season Two remains to be seen (I loved the first season of Alias, and really didn’t like the Second), but for the moment it’s stunning stuff. And Who looks pretty dumb in comparison.

I’ll be back…

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