Millions of Peaches (Peaches for Free) – continued

Well- it was almost as bad as I expected. Kind of a mixed episode (rather like the season)- when it’s actually trying to be serious and scary, it’s pretty good. When it’s trying to be funny, it’s bloody embarressing.

No. I’m not going to get upset about this. I’m almost tired of getting this worked up about a TV programme. I just need to get myself writing again. I need to get the stories in my head out into the real world. Who is no longer for me- and I can’t tell you how sad that make me feel. It’s like a long-treasured friend has decided he really doesn’t want to hang out with me anymore, and he’d far rather go and get the attention of the “cool kids”.

Am tired and slightly emotional. It’s possible that I’ve actually done a hell of a lot today, so I’m going to chill. Relax. And take a very deep, calming breath.

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