Beginning (Start of Five)

Blimey. It’s taken me so long to get here, it’s difficult to remember a point when I haven’t been incessantly tring to update the site. Well, it’s done, it’s all in place, and hopefully it won’t take me quite so long to get around to doing it again. That’s the principle, anyway.

This may be a pointless Blog. It may never reach critical mass, or get to the point where I think “Wow! I am a blogger, well and truly!” But, it’s here, and I’m going to be updating it whenever I can.

It’s the absolute definition of a relaxing Bank Holiday. I’m tinkering with the computer, and the TMF freeview music channel is spewing out the 500 greatest music videos ever. If a thousand years pass before I hear “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston again, it’ll be too short a time.

Got things to do. More soon…

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