Bring it Back

It’s hot. Way too hot. Not hot in the way that Las Vegas or New York is hot- but more in the non commital, slightly annoying way that London gets. The kind of temperatures reserved for a city that likes pissing off its inhabitants. George and I bought a fan on Saturday, and it’s been running almost non-stop since.

It’s been a very strange week. What was supposed to be a big “sorting out” time turned into lots of confusion, plenty of learned Japanese Kanji symbols, and an impromptu visit to a film shoot that ended with me spectacularly panicking my head off in the middle of a car park. Then a weekend break, more subbing work, and the general feeling of not having quite enough time. Something that’s becoming quite regular.

Sorry- I need a new chair, and my hands are hurting. I can’t type when it’s painful.

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