Movie Trailer: Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)

Now, I’m not sure that anyone was actually saying to themselves “You know what I’m desperate to see? A fourth Mission Impossible film!” It’s not as if there are extra layers to find out about IMF Agent Ethan Hunt, other than him being a chance for Tom Cruise to do cool stuff, and the previous films have also been tonally all over the place to an extent that’s rarely seen in film series (from the overdone Le Carre action of Brian DePalma, to the ludicrous pomp of John Woo, and the fun but deeply forgettable JJ Abrams). However, throw Incredibles director Brad Bird into the mix – finally making his live action debut – and you’ve certainly got me interested. Now we’ve got the first trailer for Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, and it’s certainly one of the more weirdly constructed trailers I’ve seen in a while. There’s several deeply cool moments in here, and some shots that certainly hint at how Bird’s visual style is going to transfer (especially into the action sequences, considering that The Incredibles is dangerously close to being a flawless action movie), and yet there’s a lot of stuff that, to be honest, looks a bit daft – most of it involving Tom Cruise running REALLY FAST, or Tom Cruise doing that odd face he does when he’s fighting. There’s also the decision to slather an Eminem track over half the trailer (because when I think of sexy spies on the run and the title ‘Ghost Protocol’, I think ‘Eminem’), the way the trailer seems to reboot itself halfway through to be a completely different tone, and the unintentionally homo-erotic showdown between Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner (Not that there’s anything wrong with that…). I’m still very interested in how Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol is going to turn out – but here’s hoping any future trailers are a little more willing to blow me away…

4 thoughts on “Movie Trailer: Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)

  1. Okay….so, crap ensemble cast FTW! And Simon Pegg, really?

    There is no real reason why this was made, except to show off an aging Tom Cruise with bad hair and even bigger teeth.


    • Like I said – I can concur with the fact that nobody really *wanted* an M:I IV. Plus, there’s something innately daft about the way Tom Cruise runs. If Brad Bird wasn’t involved, I wouldn’t be giving a toss, to be honest. With Bird involved… I’m cautiously optimistic, but yet to be completely convinced.
      (Pegg was in M:I III, and they do seem to like having some form of small interlinking continuity (even if they usually junk everything else!)


  2. I really really *want* them to make a good M:I film. I’m rooting for them. That counts for a lot of goodwill, although not enough to make me like the bloated strutting mess that was the second movie.

    Even leaving aside the M:I2 debacle they certainly haven’t made an outright successful movie in the franchise yet. But there’s a good chunk of the first movie I like (particularly the ‘layers within layers’ angle) and the third one has a stunning opening scene and some great moments despite a lack of weight and weak ending that scream ‘made for TV’. What I appreciate most about the third one is the return to the team dynamic that made the TV show rather than the focus on Tom Cruise shooting people in the second one.

    So I’m chucking my goodwill at the new movie, and it’s theirs to keep or throw away.


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