Video: ‘Tis THOR That Commands! (A New ‘Thor’ Trailer)

You can almost sense Marvel Studio’s slight sense of nervousness about Thor. After all, while audiences flocked to Iron Man (and even to the less-than-ideal Iron Man 2), it’s a bit of a leap from Robert Downey Jr being a charmingly flawed hero in a mechanical suit to Norse Gods hurling hammers at each other and intoning cod-Shakespearean dialogue. At the least, they’ve enlisted Kenneth Brannagh as the director – a man who knows Shakespearean dialogue when he hears it – and the initial trailers have looked potentially fun, if not necessarily the guaranteed slam-dunk Marvel needs if the whole shared-universe build up to The Avengers in 2012 is actually going to work. Nevertheless, we’ve got a new trailer, this one giving more of the Natalie Portman end of the Thor story, and it certainly looks like this is going to be riding the line between entertaining and absurdly cheesy. I remain yet to be completely convinced by Chris Hemsworth – but it certainly looks lively, and still has me a lot more excited than other upcoming superhero films I could mention (Yes, I’m looking at you, Green Lantern)…

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