Video: Zombie Surprise (The jaw-dropping ‘Dead Island’ computer game trailer)

A computer game featuring Zombies is hardly news, nor is the fact that it’s obviously going to be insanely violent. The trailer for the upcoming Zombie game Dead Island, however, is something different. Computer game trailers like this have been getting more impressive over the last few years (Hell, the recent ones for upcoming MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic have arguably been the best and most exciting Star Wars material since the original trilogy), and the Dead Island trailer is a seriously impressive three minutes of storytelling that delivers a hell of a lot more emotional impact than you’d expect from this kind of thing. It is, of course, extremely violent, very gory and decidedly NSFW, so if you have any problems with full-on Zombie violence don’t watch it – but if that kind of thing is your bag, prepare to be surprised and impressed…

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