Ninety-Three Million Miles from the Sun

Monday evening. I’m parked on the bed in the guest room at Dad’s house in Cornwall, and so far it’s been a very nice break. I ended up having a birthday weekend, of sorts – my actual birthday on Friday was fairly quiet (but very nice), while my sister, her husband and her son came down and stayed the night on Saturday, and then on Sunday I met up with Tris for the latest in our long run of bizarre photoshoots. Sadly, thanks to the terminally unpredictable weather, we ended up with grey and glowering skies and occasional spots of rain, which was far from ideal photography weather, and the both of us were a bit tired, so we ended up drawing things to a close mid-evening instead of the somewhat epic night-shoot we’d originally planned. Some good shots were created, nontheless, and it’s always a huge amount of fun to see Tris.

And also, had a massive number of people wishing me happy birthday, and each one made me extremely happy.

Received various presents – including a small mountain of Doctor Who DVDs, which I’m currently exploring (and will be writing about at length fairly soon, for certain…), and am endeavouring to make sure that I’m actually having a decent break. It’s good to be down in Cornwall – Dad’s actually aiming to move at some point in the next eighteen months or so, and may be going as far afield as Scotland, so my days of having an always-available bolt-hole in Cornwall may be coming to an end. But, I’m going to enjoy all the time I spend down here, while also remembering that although it’s lovely to go back to the places where I grew up, there’s still way too many places that I haven’t been. And sometime, I’m going to have to start doing something about that…

6 thoughts on “Ninety-Three Million Miles from the Sun

  1. It was great to catch up with you!
    Have some fruits of our labours already up on Flickr – and am very pleased with the results!
    Will be a DVD of results winging it’s way to you soon – will have a fiddle and a process with the rest of the pics and a few more may find their way onto Flickr..
    Have a great flight back up to the land of the Manc – and next time we meet up, get some sleep beforehand so we can actually have some energy to achieve our ideas!

    Quoit a Nice Day


    • Good to catch up with you too, sir! Have had a look at the shots – slightly disturbed by my wind-enhanced crazy hair in some of them, but they’re looking good. Would be nice to see one of the steampunk costume where you can actually… um… see the steampunk costume, though. Will look forward to seeing the rest of them! (And next time, I’ll make sure I’m a lot more energetic. I’ve been cursing the weather, though. Both yesterday and today have been sunny. Curses!)


      • Quick addendum – I’ve actually seen the steampunk picture on a decent screen (i.e. not my mini-laptop) and it isn’t as dark as I thought it was! Although it is still a bit on the dark side. Still looking good, though…


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