In just over forty minutes, I’m going to cross the barrier into being 35.


I’m spending my birthday down in Cornwall, staying with my Dad. Relaxation, reading, walks on the cliff, and an upcoming day of photo adventure with my friend Tris.

There have been plenty of points recently where I’ve been down, or depressed, or lonely. I may lack confidence in myself. But I’m not going to let that stop me.

Being 33 was rough. Being 34 was even rougher.

I’m aiming to make 35 a whole lot more fun.

3 thoughts on “Thirtysomething

  1. Being 35 smells of wee.
    Gravity becomes an even crueller mistress. Still, welcome along to the party!
    Look forward to the shoot session – have some ideas as long as the weather holds.
    Have a great birthday sir and see you soon.


  2. Happy Birthday!!
    I’m always slightly envious of people who know exactly when they were born. My parents didn’t think it important.
    Hoping you have a wonderful year.


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