Sunday night. The start of another week, and once again what I’ve got to look forward to is a severe dose of proofreading. I’ve got a pretty major chunk of proofing to get out of the way – it’ll get done, but the result is that it’s going to be a week of intensive routine, which aren’t often weeks that make me excessively happy. The one thing I am attempting to make certain is that I get plenty of writing done. It’s nice to get to the end of the day and remind myself that I’ve actually acheived something more than the appointed “keeping myself in food and comics” tasks. The project I’m working on at the moment is starting to come together, or is at least evolving in my head in an interesting fashion, to the extent that I really wish I could get a completely clear week so I could sit down and do nothing but work on it. At present, this isn’t a possibility, so it’s just trying to cram everything in to as small a space – and I may be able to get some done on holiday, as I’m disappearing off to Cornwall next week. There shall be relaxation, there shall be walks in the country – and all things being well, there shall also be another photo session with Tris, in a slightly more experimental vibe.

But there’s this week to get through. And at least I’ve got a ton of stuff to watch, including a new haul of Classic Who DVDs for £3 at Fopp. For now, a little more sorting out stuff before bed. Monday morning is a little too close for comfort…

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