Erm… hello? Is this thing on?

Good gracious. The massed network attack that’s been hitting Livejournal for the last few days seems to have ceased. It’s actually quite bizarre being able to access this and read my friend page again. Anyhow, no massive news (other than lots of proofreading), but there’ll be a more detailed post in the next day or so. I’m off to watch some Classic Who DVDs I was once again able to pick up from budget discount store Fopp. Ah, nostalgia…

3 thoughts on “Erm… hello? Is this thing on?

    • Okay. Am mildly perplexed now. And a little scared…
      I presume we’re talking Marple here. Are we talking film version? The BBC Joan Hickson one? Or the awful-looking Geraldine McKewan ITV version (which I never watched)?


      • We are indeed talking Marple and Joan Hickson. It was one of those “Gosh, from some angles that could be Saxon” moments.
        Do you want to know whether you dunnit or not?


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