Walkin’ On The Sky

It has been what could safely be described as an ‘odd’ week, mainly due to being flattenned by illness. It hit me last Saturday, but was also a combination of a whole series of factors, from feeling run-down after the rewrite, an oncoming cold, gradually getting dehydrated, overeating, and a couple of other elements I could have done without. The end result was that while I was out and about on Saturday (which was a pretty hot day, after all), I suddenly started feeling exceptionally weird, and my body essentially went slightly nuts for the next forty-eight hours. My appetite shut down, I was incredibly dehydrated, and I’ve been spending most of this week recovering – early on, I actually had a couple of productive days, but ended up feeling worse as a result of them, so instead I’ve spent the last couple of days essentially under house arrest. I’m getting a couple of hours of proofreading done a day, and that’s it – and I’m going to keep it that way until at least Sunday. There are two advantages – one, things have gone a little quiet on the work front (just a lull, it ain’t scarily quiet yet), and two, I’ve built up enough of a backlog of incoming money that I can actually afford to not do very much for a little while. It is tough being ill while on your own – and sleep has been one of my biggest problems, with my average wake-up time for this week being about 4AM – but I’m coping pretty well, overall, and not letting it get me down.

Would be nice if my body would hurry up and get back to normal, though…

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