On the subject of a possible change of (Internet) location…

I’m flirting with the idea of shifting this blog over to WordPress. Having had a look at the features on the site, it does seem to have a number of advantages over Livejournal (particularly as relates to customisation), and I can also shift all the entries I’ve got here over, so my random burblings for the last four years will still be easily available for those foolish enough to want to look for them. And I’m presuming I can probably set up an RSS feed to Livejournal to keep things going here. The decision is not yet made (and probably won’t be for a while): a good move, or a foolish endeavour?

Edit: Okay, I’ve just found out that WordPress also exists as blogger hosting software. Consider me confused. I guess, are there better possibilities out there? And is it kind of daft asking this sort of question when only the people who use Livejournal are going to read it?

Head hurting. Must go lie down…

One thought on “On the subject of a possible change of (Internet) location…

  1. You can have a hosted blog at wordpress.com, or you can download the WordPress software and run it on your own website. The former is easy, and gives you the URL in the form foo.wordpress.com, but you can’t install your own themes and plugins, and in general you have a lot more customization options (including making it part of your own website, if you want).
    As to whether you should use it, it depends what you want to get from it, really. It’s a lot easier to track hits and links and so forth on WordPress.


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