Blush Response

The end is closer. I’m actually getting within sight of finishing the rewrites, and I’m basically in the end stages of ploughing through the book and doing what needs to be done. What’s been particularly scary is that I’ve made a couple of fairly major character ‘enhancements’ on this pass – basically beefing up background, smoothing over motivation and trying to get it so that the characterisation works – and it’s rather like flying blind through a rainstorm and hoping beyond hope that the runway is actually there. I know that the stuff I’m doing is making the book much, much better, though, which is something of a relief. And I’m also having faith in the book as it stands – I’m never going to get it perfect, it is what it is, and it’s the kind of thing that isn’t going to go down spectacularly well with everyone. But it’s all me, and the version that will be the new ‘2009’ draft is going to be significantly better than the last version that was out with publishers. I’ve done my best. Can’t really ask for more.

But wow, I am definitely taking a little bit of a break once this is done. This has been a terrifying amount of work – possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever done, ever. And of course, if this does pay off, my reward will be to do it all again – and faster…

And you know what? I’m rather looking forward to the idea…

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