Mind Meld

If my previous outpourings about the Galactica finale weren’t enough, I’ve also contributed to SF Signal’s regular Mind Meld feature, where lots of people ponder a single question. In this case, the question was “BSG has ended, and no one appears to be thrilled with the finale. What would you have done differently, if you could run the show?” If you’re not too terrified, my answer (along with others including paulcornell2, ianjclark and wrong_questions) can be found here…

2 thoughts on “Mind Meld

    • Thank you, sir! It was one of the frustrating things about the finale – that it managed to both capture a lot of BSG at its best, and also carry off stuff that was just mind-freakingly absurd (I mean- Romo Lampkin as President? Does anyone actually think that’s a good idea?). And I wouldn’t have been quite so disappointed by the flaccid and absurd second half, if the first half hadn’t had such a strong proportion of cool, enjoyable action stuff. I think that’s the main problem with BSG – that it was really at its best when it was being a character-driven pulp SF show, and its delusions of grandeur turned out to be a big mistake. Hey ho…


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