Eastercon Adventures

It’s just over a week until Eastercon – only seems like yesterday that it was around six months away. I’m looking forward to it, and it’s also going to be a rather mind-boggling contrast to my usual existance, like a concentrated adrenaline shot of socialising. I’m also on a couple of panels – fewer than last year, but I’m making up for it by doing two in a row, on Saturday night no less. Yes, I will be doing a two-hour performance, and the subjects are:

The Reign of Russell T Davies Sat 20:00
“What effect has the resurgence of Dr Who had on UK TV SF and fandom?
Did it give us Life on Mars, or just Robin Hood?”
Tony Keen (moderator)
Jane Killick
Saxon Bullock
Paul F Cockburn

Adapting comics for the big screen Sat 21:00
“What makes a good adaptation of a comic book – faithfulness to the
text, or willingness to change it for the screen? Can you film the
unfilmable? What makes The Dark Knight so good, and The League of
Extraordinary Gentlemen so bad?”
John Coxon (moderator)
Lilian Edwards
Persephone Hazard
Andrew Hogg
Martin McGrath
Saxon Bullock

Comics and Who. Not two subjects that I have a great difficulty talking about…

Budget has meant that I won’t be around for the Monday, and am instead vanishing off late-ish on Sunday night. But I will be there from Friday morning onwards, and will be doing my best to have fun….

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