Watching you, Watching me, Watching the Watchmen…

Just a quick post on the Watchmen legal situation and the latest bizarre twist it’s taken which – I have to admit – rather made me laugh. The whole saga of the Watchmen movie is the story that wouldn’t die, and even now its finding ways of flying off the track in a fascinating way. Naturally, online fandom is packed full of venom for Fox’s behaviour, and certainly there has to be a question mark as to why Fox didn’t actually file suit until just before principal photography had wrapped (did they not notice it before?), but let’s not forget that this isn’t completely a case of Fox being evil for the sheer hell of it. A judge has (at least for now) said that there’s something in it rather than simply dismissing the case – which means that, in short, someone in the Warners legal department let them go ahead and spend somewhere in the region of 100 million dollars without being completely, totally and utterly certain that they actually had the rights to make and distribute the movie. As screw-ups go, that’s pretty major. Some serious mistakes have happenned and heads will certainly roll for this – it’s going to be interesting to see which studio blinks first, and what the situation with the movie is once the smoke eventually clears…

One thought on “Watching you, Watching me, Watching the Watchmen…

  1. As I said elsewhere, I imagine Alan Moore is howling with laughter over this latest twist.
    Of course, the reason Fox delayed is to get more money, which is perfectly okay from their point of view. That the fanboys and girls are annoyed means nothing, particularly as it is not the fans who are going to determine whether the movie makes money.


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