Mostly Harmless

Another rejection for the book today. Ironically enough, I had been recently complaining that it’d be great even to get a turn-down, just to know that somebody has read it. It was a very polite, very flattering rejection that was nice about the book – but I’m going through rather a tough time right now, and this isn’t making it any easier. My incapability of getting serious work done on other fiction writing isn’t helping, but I’m going to work on a few exercises to at least flex my imaginative muscles. Even if I’m having a bad time, I’ve got to keep my imagination working for me – it’s the one thing that’s really going to keep me happy.

I know life will improve, and that things will start looking up. It’s just one of those times when I wish they’d damn well hurry up…

2 thoughts on “Mostly Harmless

    • It was Macmillan. (I was being needlessly coy in the entry, to be honest, considering that I friends-locked it). Like I said, they were nice about it, but it was that kind of “We like it, we just don’t like it enough” answer, which is better than them hating it. Just the kind of time when I could do with some good news…
      Hope all is well, ma’am, and enjoy Cornwall…


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