Istambul (Not Constantinople)

Today is the trip home, so won’t be too heavy duty…

I wrote that on Thursday morning, and boy was I regretting it by Thursday evening. Thanks to a whole selection of weird occurrences my supposedly simple four-hour journey by train from Edinburgh to London (having basked in the magic that was WALL-E in the morning) turned out to be an eight hour journey into one of the lower circles of hell. ‘Signal Problems’ meant we got stranded at Doncaster station for 2 1/2 hours with virtually no news, and then limped the rest of the way into London, getting in at 11.10 (instead of 7.20). And, just to compound things, I was too late to get to Waterloo for the last train (at 11.20), so I was bundled into a Taxi with a couple of other Hampshire-based passengers (paid for by the Train company) and driven on a fairly epic journey back home. 2.10 am was my arrival time, so Friday was, to be honest, a wash-out. I managed to get myself together for the interview with Tarsem Singh, but other than that was not able to get much done. Today was a little better, however, and I’m getting back into the swing of things. I wish I did have the chance to slump, but there’s proofreading to do, reviews to finish, and an interview to write up, and other problems to sort. Friday is the day when we’re off on holiday, and everything needs to be done by then. At some point, I’m going to stop, and breathe out a very long sigh of relief. Just not quite yet….

One thought on “Istambul (Not Constantinople)

  1. Saturday ?
    Surely, if your off on holiday on Friday, then Saturday is the ideal day to stop and breathe out a very long sigh of relief ?
    P.S. Enjoy the villa.


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