Crosseyed and Painless

Ah. There you are. I was wondering where you’d got to.

It’s funny- I can remember Edinburgh Festivals in the past where I got to do regular blogging. Not this year, though- it’s Thursday morning, I’m going to be heading off to see my final screening soon (Pixar’s WALL-E, one I’ve been seriously looking forward to), and I think I’ve been able to pause twice in the last seven days. Balancing two interviews, the related work (transcribing, editing), getting enough sleep and watching as many movies as possible has not been the easiest job- it’s been one of those times when every single hour is spoken for, and you simply can’t take your eye off the ball. And, just to make things even better, I don’t even get to stop. Today is the trip home, so won’t be too heavy duty- but tomorrow, I’m interviewing Tarsem Singh, director of The Fall, I’ve got a stack of proofreading to do when I’m home, plus two reviews already of films I’ve seen here. We’re off on holiday a week on Friday- and for various reasons, the time up until then is simply going to be insane. I’ll get through it, but I can’t help feeling it’d be nice to acheive a little balance in my life- going from the kind of frustrating “what the hell am I going to do now?” quiet of a couple of weeks ago to this kind of full-on craziness is a little too much to cope with at times.

Whoblogging on last week’s episode will be happening, but at a point where I’m actually able to string two sentences together. It might need to be a double-bill with this week’s instalment (an episode which looks like it’s certainly going to be off-the-scale in terms of “How many past characters can we cram in?”, which isn’t necessarily a good sign…)

Now- must go and persuade myself that I am really awake.


2 thoughts on “Crosseyed and Painless

  1. I’m interviewing Tarsem Singh, director of The Fall,
    Oh cool, I was waiting for him to do something after The Cell. It sounds like it has been sat on the shelf for a while though?


    • It has been sitting on the shelf since 2006 (it got bad initial reviews from places like Variety)- it’s had a very long gestation, though, and was shot across about five years. It’s an interesting film, though- not perfect and a little rambling, but far better than The Cell, and packed full of some of the lushest fantasy sequences I’ve seen in years (almost all of which are done without any CG work).


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