You don’t need to know my name to figure out how cool I am…

It might be nearly five days at home, or it might be a whole selection of unresolved things happening in life at the moment tat I wish would hurry up and resolve themselves, but I’m kind of tetchy at the moment. I am, at least, getting plenty of work out of the way, and have just bagged another three reviews that’ll make the next couple of months easier. I’m just not certain if I’ve actually succeeded in my intention of relaxing – I have the worrying feeling that the last few days have actually left me thrumming like a recently plucked guitar string.

At the least, I’m glorying in some new music. While subbing last week, I was working in front of screens showing the music video channel NME TV – distracting at the best of times, but when the following video came on, it didn’t matter that there was no sound- I simply sat there, gobsmacked, and wanted to know what the hell it was. The track is “DVNO” by a French dance duo called Justice, and it’s what’s known as a grower – I wasn’t sure if I liked it the first time I heard it over the video, but now it’s living on my iPod and being played fairly frequently. I love the video simply for its insane graphic style, the way it manages (with only a few slips) to feel like a collection of weird Seventies-stylised movie title sequences and film company logos, and anything with this amount of typographical fun simply has to be wonderful.

You may or may not like it – but the video is something to behold. Enjoy…

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