Dazed and Confuzzed

There are good things and bad things about being relentlessly busy. The good is that time passes incredibly quickly. The bad is that it messes up my sleep patterns to a worrying degree – I’m currently locked into waking up at 6AM, and I don’t seem to be able to shake myself out of it. At the least, I finished my three days of subbing on Thursday, so yesterday was a wonderfully lazy day. Today promises a similar mix, although I’m aiming to get a few things done by close of business. It’s nice just being able to catch my breath and start sorting out things I really haven’t been able to do over the last three weeks, and to know that with the work I’ve just done, and the stuff I’ve got to do over the next week, I’ve sorted another month’s earnings. No news on the book- we’re still in patience mode, but I am at least proceeding to think up some gloriously crazy stuff for book 2, which I may possibly have to start doing some concrete work on quite soon…

Maybe I’ll actually get some sleep at some point. Stranger things have happenned…

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