Reasons to be Cheerful

There are some days when the life of a freelance writer/reviewer can seem absolutely fruitless, annoying, and beyond depressing. And then, there are the days when a little bit of effort results in £100 of work coming in (and no transport costs to deduct), and when you open an interesting looking parcel in the post, and it turns out to have sci-fi author Greg Egan’s entire back catalgoue in spangly new jackets that say “I’M GREG EGAN, I AM!” Six novels- Permutation City, Distress, Schild’s Ladder, Quarantine, Diaspora and Teranesia, and two short story collections – Luminous and Axiomatic- all of which I’ve meant to get around to reading at some point, and they’re now sitting in the corner looking inviting.

It’s official. Just for now, life is good.

2 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful

    • I can understand the dislike- I mean, I do like the new ones, but the older jackets were a lot simpler and classier. But, I can understand the point of view of wanting to make them stand out in the bookshop (it does seem to be an era of loud book covers).
      And I really don’t think we’re talking Colin Baker Who costume levels of wrong here. My, what a sartorial classic that one was… But, each to his own!


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