Because Fact into Doubt won’t go…

The Writer’s Strike may be over. It’s not absolutely confirmed yet- and if you want to give yourself a headache, follow the link to the interim deal, as it’s ‘interesting’ reading, but if this pans out this will be very good news– both from the perspective of Writers Rights, and my general desire to consume new TV content as quickly as they can make it.

Elsewhere, programming schedules are starting to be circulated for the Orbital Eastercon, and I’m on four panels- one on the Friday, two on the Saturday and one on the Monday. I am, apparently, going to be talking about Russel T. Davies, adapting Tolkien for the screen, what books make good films, and the results of the BSFA awards. It remains to be seen whether this is a good idea, or if I can actually talk for more than a minute in these situations without sounding like an idiot– but one thing I’ve learned is that it’s often best to hurl yourself in feet first and see what happens…

2 thoughts on “Because Fact into Doubt won’t go…

  1. I’m also on the BSFA award panel – which means I actually have to read the books (3 down, 3 to go!). I had to buy most of them – I’m really behind in reading books in hardback these days.


    • I’ve got 4 to go. I’ve had Brasyl and The Prefect lurking around on my shelves for ages, and I’m waiting for the paperbacks of Execution Channel and Yiddish policeman’s Union that are due out first week of March (mainly for budget reasons).
      See you on the panel! (Gulp…)


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