Who On Earth Is Saxon Bullock? (A Reintroduction)


Thanks for popping in. Considering that this blog has been largely gathering dust for the past month, after many claims of “Yes, I’ve really got to post more!”, I don’t know how many people are likely to be reading this- but I thought it was an appropriate time for a relaunch, and to properly welcome anyone who’s actually here.


My name is Saxon Bullock (a gift of nomenclature that means I regularly get people staring blankly at me and saying “Is that really your name?!?” It’s a question that usually makes me wonder exactly who would want to pretend that their name is Saxon Bullock?). I’m a 33 year old freelance journalist who’s been writing for a variety of magazines and websites for just over seven years. I’m a regular contributor to SFX magazine, I review for Channel4.Com/film, and I’m soon going to be writing a TV column for Vector, the magazine of the British Science Fiction Association. I’m also making my first steps into the world of writing novels, with my first book – a fast-paced, comic-strip sci-fi romp entitled The Hypernova Gambit – finished and currently being looked at by a professional Editor.

This blog goes through different phases- sometimes it charts the ups and downs of my life, sometimes it’s an outlet for my writing worries, and (at least fairly regularly) it’s where I gabble on at length about SF and Fantasy TV. I’ve been fascinated by long-form storytelling from a very early age (mainly as a result of growing up with the Tom Baker era of Doctor Who, so I always find watching TV an educational experience, even if it’s only trying to work out why a particular show doesn’t work. Most of my TV related talk comes under the heading of “TV EYE”, and I’m going to try not to let the onset of the current Writer’s Strike in Hollywood (and the potential upcoming drought of drama) slow me down. No doubt, once Season 4 of Doctor Who starts, I’ll have plenty to talk about…

Essentially, I just wanted to say a big hello, and that any comments, greetings, or random comments would be very gratefully accepted. Please feel free to introduce yourself- and hopefully there’ll be something happening around her fairly soon that might actually make you want to stick around…

Pleased to meet you. How’s it going?

10 thoughts on “Who On Earth Is Saxon Bullock? (A Reintroduction)

    • Thanks! Happy New Year!
      (I’m now blinking in suprise at getting a reply so quickly. It always shocks the hell out of me when I discover people actually read this stuff…)


      • Loved the first season. Enjoyed the second, although thought it lost a little focus. Haven’t seen the third.
        From what I’ve heard, Dark is Rising is supposed to be pretty bad. McShane can be great, but he doesn’t always have a reliable quality threshold (I once had to suffer through Agent Cody Banks, where he’s the main bad guy. Oh, the pain…)


      • The third I thought was the weakest of the Deadwood series. I’m devastated they cancelled the films they had promised to make.
        And ooh.. Haven’t seen that one yet either, I think I’ll avoid it. I do want to see The Dark is Rising regardless though, hopefully it’ll exceed my expectations.


  1. happy new year
    Happy new year to you and ladyGeorge, both. Are you likely to be passing through soon? cos I must pass on those g novels (and a VHS of Spock’s Brain for lGeorge,
    which some instinct tells me she will suppress if she get to it before you do)
    I know what you mean about posting – have been feeling unutterable dull all autumn, which let to online silence.


    • Re: happy new year
      Hello madam- hope all is well.
      My movements are a bit difficult to track, being rather dependant on when screenings are happening. I might be in on Friday 4th- although I should definitely be in on Monday 7th whatever happens. Hopefully you’ll get this by then.
      LadyGeorge is definitely raising a concerned eyebrow at the idea of Spock’s Brain. I’m not sure I’ve seen it- I just know of its legendarily bad reputation…
      (Oh, and happy new year!)


  2. Can I Just Say…
    A hideously belated Happy NEW YEAR and thank you so much for the CDs! I really shouldn’t have listened to them at work though. It did make for an entertaining few hours for everyone else mind.
    Hope you and Lady G had a great Chrimbo ad New Year and hope fully see you soon. We still need to do that shoot, so let me know when you’re “Homeward Bound”.
    Yours, looking forward the the new Knight Rider,
    Mr T.


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