Freedom (Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship?)

I have a new toy. The fabled ASUS eeePC has finally arrived- a dinky laptop the size of a small hardback novel, and it’s taking a little getting used to. Thanks to the keyboard being much smaller, it’s going to take me a while to learn to type at my usual speed on here. Expect the number of worrying typos to increase exponentially. At the moment, I feel like I’ve just made the acquaintance of someone who I know I’ll be great friends with eventually, but I’m currently unsure as to exactly how we’ll be getting along…

I am, however, writing this in bed. There’s the occasional rumble of traffic outside, and I’ve just wandered through to check our Rayburn heater, which is currently chugging away merrily and will be hopefully keeping us toasty warm for the rest of the night. Both George and I are ill at the moment, both suffering from coming to the end of an extended, frenziedly busy period of activity, and it’s a combination that’s occasionally meant outbursts of grouchiness.I’m also suffering from fatigue, thanks to only getting an average of about five hours of sleep a night, and even with Christmas coming up in the next few days, it feels like life has gotten just a little bit too insane to cope with.

I’m hoping I can make this computer work, though. I need to write more. I can’t waste any more time- I need to use every available opportunity, and hopefully this thing is going to help me do it.

More soon…

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