Hard to Make a Stand

I’m on Facebook. Good golly.

Elsewhere, life has been somewhat non-stop busy, hence the lack of blogging. I spent a large proportion of last week doing sub-editing, including a session at a magazine where I spent 70% of my time sat doing nothing. Being paid 12 pounds an hour to do that is fun for a while, but it quickly palls.

Energy is at a serious low. Most of the weekend has been spent in rather a funk, increased by the fact that I’ve got a tremendous amount of work to do. In seven days, I’ll be vanishing off to France for two weeks on a family holiday, and there’s a lot to do in the interim. Most of all, I have to pull myself out of the productivity slump I’m in at the moment.

There will be some more detailed blogging soon. For now, it’s time to slump in the corner…

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