TV EYE: Flashback – Doctor Who: Season 3 (2007)

Okay, I realise that this isn’t much of a flashback, but thanks to the recent repeats and the joys of BBC iPlayer, I was able to catch up with most of the recent repeat of New Who S1 (I missed a couple of episodes, and deliberately didn’t put myself through the Slitheen two-parter). Rather bizarrely, they seemed to sail past season two (a fact I wasn’t too sad about – despite the fabulousness of Girl in the Fireplace, I think on the whole it’s the least interesting and succesful of all four New Who seasons) and go straight for Season 3, and while there was the temptation to only watch the episodes I’d really enjoyed, I eventually decided to bite the bullet and give the whole thing a second try, managing an episode a day over the next three weeks (the repeats were only on weekdays).

And the result? I’m still largely impressed by what I saw, although it is also a case of that effect you get when there’s an album that you really enjoy, and then you go back and listen to it again and realise that it’s actually those three classic tracks that make it as exceptional as you remember. S3 is impossible to talk about without taking into account the frankly amazing one-two-three punches of Human Nature, The Family of Blood and Blink – outside of that famed trio, however, there’s still enough that I liked to make S3 the point where I could actually allow myself to genuinely enjoy New Who, rather than throw my hands up in horror at what I was seeing.

A quick run-down of my reactions to the episodes:

Fear the spoilers…