Slaine: The Horned God – The Trailer

I have Alec to thank for this– a truly barmy fan film made by a Spanish filmmaker named Miguel Mesas, who’s got some serious backing and has crafted some imaginary trailers for movie adaptations of comic books and anime series. This isn’t four blokes with a video camera- this is some serious design work and post-production that’s genuinely impressive, and while some of the results are a little creaky, the one that really works is an adaptation of celtic fantasy epic Slaine: The Horned God from the pages of legendary comic 2000AD. (Read more about the series here).

Despite all its many problems, one of the things that excited me about 300 was the possibilities of using that stylised form of storytelling on other (potentially more engaging) tales– and it’s genuinely thrilling to see something that actually captures the visuals and mood of Simon BIsley’s artwork from the original series. I want to see the full film, and I want to see it now– even if a Celtic barbarian speaking Spanish might take a little getting used to…

(He’s also done ‘trailers’ for Batman: Arkham Asylumn, and Frank Miller’s Bad Boy, but they don’t work quite as well (especially the spanish-speaking Joker with some rather weak make-up). Much better is the fourth and final in the series, a trailer for anime series Space Pirate: Captain Harlock. The performances may be creaky, but it’s worth it just for seeing characters from anime legend Leiji Matsumoto in the flesh)

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