Rude Awakenings

Thursday Morning was supposed to be a fairly easy process. I’d be woken up at 6.20 by the alarm, get 40 minutes of pottering around time, and then head off to the train to head into London for two days of subbing. Instead, I slept through the alarm, and only got woken up when my father-in-law called to tell me he was about three minutes away from picking me up– at about 7.00. Cue a desperate sprint around the house, and then a stagger to the car, followed by a rather dazed morning. Thank heaven I’d already made my lunch, but it wasn’t the easiest start to the day, combined with the fact that I got to the Future Publishing building on Baker Street– only to find that they’d moved offices. After getting directions from a receptionist who didn’t understand the rather important distinction between left and right, I eventually had to call George and get her to navigate me via the wonder of Streetmap, reaching the offices 15 minutes late and soaking wet from the rain. Thankfully, my two-day stint at XBOX 360 went very smoothly after that, and I also stayed over with my friend Alec for the night, spending an excellent evening talking about all things writing. Since getting back yesterday, I’ve been a little shell-shocked, letting myself drift slightly, but I know I’ll have to get back into gear soon.

Life feels good, though. We’re in the country, and we’re happy. Whatever our problems, it could be a whole lot worse…

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