Holding Out For A Hero (Paranoimia Mix…): A Novel Request

I’m getting a bit paranoid about getting to the end of the rewrite of the novel, finally acheiving my goal- and discovering I’ve crafted something nobody wants to read. So, in an attempt to dip my toe in the water, here’s a preliminary blurb for the book, behind the cut. Have a look, let me know if it sounds like something you’d like to read. If you’d actually like to read some of it, let me know. At the moment, I’m desperately in need of feedback. Every little helps.

(This is repeated material from an earlier post, by the way- if you read the previous “Novel Request” post, you won’t be missing anything…)

THE HYPERNOVA GAMBIT is a 150,000 word science fiction adventure, a giddy mixture of action, comedy, romance, thrills, humour, weird sex, and violence. It’s probably best viewed as a surreal cross between Douglas Adams, Phillip K. Dick, Michael Marshall Smith, P.G. Wodehouse, and a whole selection of comic strips from the mid-eighties era of 2000AD. It’s meant to be a wild, funny caper, and here’s an introductory blurb:

Kolmaz Devrion is a star. One of the most famous people in the human civillisation known as the Confederacy, she’s idolised by millions, revered as a musical genius, celebrated wherever she goes… and she’d really like it all to stop, right now.

Her plan is to leave her stifling existance as a megastar, and her scheduled time is in the run-up to a performance on board the Hypernova, a collosal, fifteen-mile long Commerce Ship that stocks the finest, most exclusive merchandise from across the galaxy. Anything you dream of can be purchased inside the eight hundred floors of the Hypernova, but while for Kolmaz it’s a chance at freedom, her escape plan unfortunately co-incides with something far more dangerous, as the Hypernova is unexpectedly hi-jacked.

Responsible are a group of reality revolutionaries called the Cadre of Loathing, who are out to make the universe a better place, and don’t care who they have to kill in order to do it. Staying one step ahead of the Hypernova authorities, Kolmaz is going to have to make a number of unexpected alliances and solve the mystery lurking behind the Cadre’s plan if she’s ever going to stand a chance of living a normal life.

Romance. Danger. Universal Cataclysm. And no chance of a refund…

Anyone want to know more?

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