ECHOES FROM THE PAST: The Alchemist, Part 7

Well, I don’t know if there’s anyone left in the auditorium, but here’s the final sequence and credits for the VHS no-budget epic that I produced with my friend Tris when I was a tender 16 years of age. If nothing else, The Alchemist and what I accomplished while making it has defined my life in an odd way, and showed me that if you set your sights ridiculously high, sometimes you can be surprised by where you end up. Anyone curious can follow the tags to the other chapters of the production. To whoever’s left out there– hope you managed to extract some kind of enjoyment from it (and well done for making it to the end…)

Plus, I’m heading back to Cornwall soon– so maybe, just maybe, I might be able to get the legendary Alchemist Out-Take reel on YouTube. Consider yourself warned…

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