Taking Stock

Progress on the book has been going slowly- and I realised today that one reason behind this is that there’s a whole selection of sequences that just aren’t good enough. Even polishing them up isn’t really going to help- so I’ve made myself a list of eleven major segments that I need to heavily revise, and I’m going to start from scratch on them. It’s very important that I get this done- but it’s not going to be worth it unless I’m confidant in what I’ve done. With various transport issues affecting my life at the moment, the novel is one of the main things I can concentrate on- and I don’t want to get a month down the line only to realise that I wasted a chance. Once I get these eleven segments sorted, it’ll still need a MAJOR polish- but at least I’ll be a lot closer to my goal. I just want to make sure that it’s fun, and I don’t care what I have to do to get it that way. I don’t want another person to read it and not make it through to the end- they may dislike it, but they’re damn well going to make it to the end!

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