Back in the Saddle

Free! Free! I’m free at last!

No- a month of either no internet whatsoever or dial-up only didn’t exactly do me much good. However, I’m here-battered but not bowed, and back in the world of Broadband! It may be a little slower than our London connection- but it’s here, and it’s a damn sight better than anything else we’ve had in the last couple of weeks. George was bouncing around with joy earlier this evening- as a dedicated World of Warcraft gamer, she’s been feeling the pain of dial-up, so there were many gleeful yelps of “Broadband! Broadband! Broadband!” tonight. I should also explain- our ‘activation date’ was scheduled to be this Thursday- I was only trying the modem in order to get the passwords and access software logged on, I wasn’t expecting to get actual Net. As a result, I’ll hopefully be a little more of a presence here than for the last month- not that there isn’t an awful lot for me to be doing in order to catch up with the rotating wheels of life…

More details soon. Must go and tidy a few things up.

We have broadband. Life is good.

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