Dreamtime in Lake Jackson

It must be something about significant times in my life- I end up having vivid and head-scratchingly weird dreams. During last night’s surrealism, I was having a phone conversation with the late Douglas Adams, and he was talking about various endangered species such as the Kakapo Parrot of New Zealand, which is mentioned in his book Last Chance To See, and I brought up the book– and then, there was an awkward pause. That was the point where I remembered (in the dream) that I was talking to Douglas Adams at a point in time before he’d actually written the book, hence the extreme confusion and awkwardness. Quite why my dreams are so multi-layered and have such insane levels of internal logic I don’t quite understand. But, at the least, it’s making my night life interesting.

The packing is proceeding at a gradual but enthusiastic pace. Tomorrow is another one of our intensive days, when George is off work and we try to get as much done as possible. By the end of Wednesday, this place will be largely empty, and life will enter another phase.

Tick… tick…. tick….

One thought on “Dreamtime in Lake Jackson

  1. It’s a pretty good book, that one. I used to have – probably still do somewhere! – an interactive CD-ROM version of it with DNA reading the whole thing. It was the version of the book that I had for years. :o)


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