Best Laid Plans…

I think all this mulling over of New Who and my love of stories and how I’m feeling that I don’t want to watch Season Three simply because I know it’ll mostly annoy the hell out of me (Thanks to various quotes from Russell T. Davies, the fact that the show’s going to be mostly Earthbound (and presumably largely set on council estates) again, the new companion’s four-strong family, and the general patronising attitude of “Oh no, we’re not really sci-fi- we’re more emotional, more popular and BETTER than that…”) is starting to get to me. I had a dream last night where the new crew of the TARDIS turned out to be the Doctor and about twenty five people- who were then joined by even more, including the Peter Davison version of the Doctor, and Batman villain the Joker dressed in Wild West garb! Plus, the chameleon circuit on the TARDIS had started to slightly work again, but was making the exterior look like a rough, shack-like approximation of a Police Box constructed from old driftwood. Then, it all ended with the Doctor checking BBC1, and finding out that the episode had actually ended about twenty minutes previously. My brain is a strange place to be, sometimes.

Elsewhere, the atmosphere of propulsive “Oh my god, put everything in cardboard boxes!!” energy has been slightly derailed by the fact that the move of stuff on Wednesday isn’t actually happening now until next Wednesday. An organising mess-up has meant that nobody’s available to help, so we’ve actually got a bit more time than we expected, and in a weird sort of way I’m actually glad. We can’t relax and go “Hey…”, but it should give us enough time to get most of what we were aiming to do actually done. The tension is a little less, and we’ve also found the intriguing free-ad website Gumtree that might be an aid in getting someone to fill our place.

Getting used to bare white walls again is going to be hard, though. George and I like to imprint our personality on a place, and soon there’s only going to be traces left. We can cope with it- it’s just going to be very strange. Here’s hoping that this doesn’t have to last for too long…

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