Egyptian Cannonball

Back in London, and I somehow managed to survive the entirety of Saturday, only keeling over with exhaustion at 9pm, when George told me that going to bed might be a good idea as I was falling asleep during COLLATERAL. Before then, the day had- to be honest- been rather nuts, with a bus trip that was lengthy and uncomfortable, followed by a hot journey on the tube, followed by an arrival at home at 7.40am, and a hug from an extremely grateful George. I only had two hours, but I did manage to open two birthday presents- an iPod Shuffle (which is giving me a few problems getting it to talk to my computer, but we’ll crack it…), and the gorgeously massive slipcase-enclosed hardback ‘Absolute’ edition of WATCHMEN. I was a happy camper, but had to head out immediately to a hotel in the centre of London for a two-part interview with Guillermo Del Toro. Thankfully, the guy was as much of a diamond as I was hoping for, and both sections of the interview went without a hitch. I was able to slump homewards, and the rest of the day passed in a beaming haze of relief.

Today was mainly a sorting out and cleaning day, and I also discovered that despite being certain that I’d lost George’s camera, what I’d actually succeeded in doing was somehow not noticing that it was still inside the rucksack. I located it today, and was very glad that it was safe and sound, as I’d been trying to figure out a way we’d be able to financially afford replacing it.

A wander onto Neil Gaiman’s blog sent me in this rather bizarre direction, and meant that I made this rather peculiar discovery:

My blog is worth $564.54.
How much is your blog worth?

You learn a new thing every day…

More fascinating thoughts on Charles Stross’s blog. I’ve just started reading his fantasy series ‘The Merchant Princes’, and it’s bloody good fun, as well as being fantastically thought out. It’s great to see a traditional ‘gateway to another world’ book that’s actually tackled in the same manner and with the same rigour as a sci-fi novel, as well as being inventive and wonderfully frothy. I may not write as well as he does, but I can at least link like crazy.

Plus- here’s a video from Youtube that I was particularly glad to track down. I first spotted it at last year’s Mirrorball season at the Edinburgh Festival, and while I don’t remember the track doing anything major, it’s one of those videos that takes a very simple idea and runs with it.

Enjoy “100MPH” by El Presidente…

At some point, I’ve got to actually sit down and work on my novel- as well as working out what the hell I’m going to do next. It’s safe to say, the idea is scaring the hell out of me…

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